Condition and term of use

Condition and term of use - educator

The Educator wishes to register on in order to use the services offered, being services connecting daycares (hereinafter referred to as the “Daycares”) and the educators of the province through the network of people and businesses registered on

In order to complete the registration on, the Educator must consent to each of the provisions contained in this contract.

This contract governs both the Educator’s contractual relationship with as well as that with the Daycares.

Relationship between the Educator and the Daycares

  1. The Educator acknowledges that a request for a replacement at a Daycare accepted by both parties creates an employment relationship between the Educator, on the one hand, and the Daycare, on the other. This employment relationship qualifies as a fixed term contract the term of which is the duration of the replacement indicated in the request for a replacement which was duly accepted.
  2. The Educator acknowledges that the Daycares will pay him/her directly, by cheque, by wire transfer or by direct deposit, the salary agreed to between them at the time of the acceptance of the replacements, after having deducted all of the applicable deductions at the source.
  3. The Educator acknowledges that the Daycares will not grant any financial advantage whatsoever beyond the salary agreed to and the other advantages provided for by An Act Respecting Labour Standards.
  4. The Educator acknowledges that at each replacement that he or she shall carry out at a Daycare he/she must present any piece of photo identification required for the purpose of identification prior to beginning his/her work and prior to any responsibility regarding a group of children being entrusted to him/her.
  5. The Educator acknowledges that this provision of this contract governs his/her full contractual relationship with each and every one of the Daycares for which he/she will work and that only the legal provisions which are of public order and applicable in matters of employment complete each of the fixed term contracts of employment which may be entered into by him/her and the Daycares.
  6. The Educator acknowledges that any extension of the replacement period provided for in the initial fixed term contract of employment must be done using and requires that a new request for a replacement be accepted and that any such extension will entail the formation of a new fixed term contract of employment. No extension shall be considered to transform a fixed term contract of employment into an indeterminate term contract of employment.
  7. The Educator undertakes not to offer availability and not to conclude a fixed term contract with one or many of the Daycares in the event of incapacity for work, including without limitation in the event of preventive withdrawal. The Educator who does not respect the foregoing acknowledges that he/she exposes himself/herself to the immediate unilateral resiliation of any fixed term contract of employment which he/she has entered into with one or many of the Daycares, the whole at the full discretion of the Daycares in question, and that he/she waives all recourse against the Daycare(s). The Educator acknowledges that this declaration is a condition that is essential to the Daycares’ consent to the conclusion of any fixed term contract and that a violation of this declaration shall constitute a defect of consent which affects the conclusion of the fixed term contract.

Information and confidentiality

The Educator acknowledges having sent to, and acknowledges that it has collected, information and documents for the opening of and creation of his/her profile, being, without limitation :

  • Family name and first name
  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Social security number
  • Photography
  • Diploma of collegial studies in Technique d’éducation à la petite enfance (régulier ou accéléré)
  • Certificate of good conduct or of no impediment
  • Daycare CPR Certificate

The Educator expressly and freely consents to keeping, using and sharing with the Daycares who retain the services of the Educator all the information and documents collected in order to, without limitation, verify the qualifications and the probity of the Educator, to verify the identity of the Educator, to pay the salary due to the Educator, to prepare the Educator’s employment or tax-related forms or for any other serious and legitimate purpose in order to give full effect to this contract.

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